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Every year at about September, the practitioners of scale model-making all across the upper Midwest will take a peek out of their burrows, smell the autumn air and make a bee-line for Fridley in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis. Away from their glue-bound work shops, they carry boxes of fragile models to the meeting hall to show one-year’s worth of effort in polystyrene.

Welcome to NordicCon 2011! This year’s show theme was “Back in Black” with a qualifying requirement that to meet the theme competition, the model must be at least 60% black in color.

This year, Paul Ooi Modelworks & son mounted our campaign centered around a core Russian-themed works. Leading the charge was Joel’s Su-47 Berkut to meet the theme challenge, accompanied by the new Sukhoi Su-50 (some western observers refer to as “Raptor-ski”) in blue splinter camouflage. I entered the Kalinin, accompanied by Gunfight off Guadalcanal. I also brought along Argentine Mohawk and Nakajima Saiun for my aircraft challenge.

I took many pictures in the show for our enjoyment. altogether there were 300 models of different categories, so this is only meant as a sampling:

Back in Black Theme:

To the Batmobile, Robin! (1/24 scale)

Martin B57 Canberra (1/72 scale)

Blackbird (1/48th scale)

X15 Experimental Rocket-powered Aircraft (1/48th scale)

USMC Tigercat (1/48th scale)

Joel's Su-47 Berkut (1/72 scale)

Armored Fighting Vehicles

Japanese WW2 Tank (Variant of Ha-Go Light Tank) 1/35 scale

German Half-track with AA-gun (1/35 scale)

US Army Hummer (1/35 scale)

Gutted Panzer IV...really liked the burnt out effect

Yugoslav AA Tank (Flakvierling on M3 Chassis)

Modified Chevy Truck with British 2-pounder Gun

Half-Track Gun Carriage

WW2 German Mine Clearing Roller

Elefant Tank Destroyer

German Howitzer mounted on a 38(t) Skoda Chassis

Soviet ZIS Truck with AA machineguns

Sherman Firefly Vc

Chevrolet Truck ...very detailed in 1/72 scale

T-34/85 with anti-Panzerfaust Mesh Panels...1/72 scale


German Panzer 38 (t) in 1/72 scale

German SIG 33 Howitzer

Finnish armored car (ex- Soviet D8)

Soviet Snowmobile

WW1 British Old Bill Bus

M746 Tank Transporter (just the front cabin)

Watch for Part 2 of NordicCon 2011 : AIRCRAFT

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