1/75 scale galley La Reale de France, all 35 inches of it!

As the year winds down, it’s time for me to complete the final section of my Nordic-Con posts with a mixture of ships, sci-fi and figures. The entries in the ship section were rather thin this year and I hope that we will see more competition for next year. There was a pretty good mix for the figures and sci-fi is always intriguing because one can never guess what would turn up in any show.

1/72 scale Scratch-built diorama of a U-Boat being captured by the US Navy

American crew taking over a surrendered U-Boat (close-up)

My entry: 1/2400 scale "Gunfight off Guadalcanal" see also my post on this project

My entry for 1/700th scale: The Bear Prowls at Sea (see also my post on this project)

For the Trekkies out there: USS Enterprise NCC1701E

And the Trekkies go wild! USS Enterprise NCC1701D

..and something for the Star Wars fans: 1/48th scale Snowspeeder

Space Ark from "When Worlds Collide"

My entry: War of the Worlds (see the post on this project)

USS Seaview breaching the ocean...really cool display

What's a show without a robot? Gundam in full running gait.

Snipers in Chechnya

Sewer Rats

Close-up on figures in the sewer

Diorama detail: How did that guy get up there?

Detail of a huge 1/72 scale diorama: Union troops charging the Rebs

Another angle of the Civil War carnage: so much figure-painting...

Red Army Assault Trooper

Roman centurion

Best figure of show: Henry Jones, Sr. from Indy and the Last Crusade

Amazing facial details


Predator (life-sized mask and figure)

Lara Croft doing her thing!

Someone get the pest controller!

Wonder Woman from Marvel Comics

Looking Forward to Nordic-Con 2012!

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