Super-detailed 1/48th Uhu Nightfighter

More stuff from Nordic-Con 2011. This time it’s the noteworthy aircraft in the show. There was a noticeable lack of bi-planes this year…hmmm. Time for me to get some DeHavillands and Albatrosses out of the attic!


1/48 Me 163B

1/48 Me Bf109 G-14

1/48 Nakajima Saiun (mine)

WW1 German Seaplane (name forgotten)

1/48 Focke-wulf Dora

1/48 P47 Razorback

1/72 Heinkel He111 Greif

1/48 OV-1D Mohawk

1/48 Vindicator

1/48 RAF Spitfire Vb

1/48 South Vietnamese Skyraider

1/72 Nakajima Hayate

1/72 Kawasaki Hien (Tony)

1/72 Me Bf109 Emil

1/72 Nakajima Kate

1/72 Sukhoi T-50 (Joel's)

1/48 Saab Viggen

1/144 (!) Grumman Hellcat (very detailed and very cute)

1/72 Belgian F-16A Tiger Meet

1/48 Hellcat "Air Search" colors

1/72 Boeing 727 (nice metal paint job)

1/144 USMC A-47 (nice detail)

1/48 Albatross

1/144 Globemaster...even in this scale the model is huge

1/32 P40 Warhawk Flying Tigers

1/32 Ju-88 Nightfighter

1/72 Yak-3

1/72 Sabre Jet (Korean War)

1/72 North Korean MiG-15

1/72 Texaco Air Racer

1/72 Czechoslovak Yak-17

Look for Part 3 of Nordic-Con: Figures and Sci-Fi

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